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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor – Sleek, Modern, Fine-Tuned


polar FT60 Purple

Polar FT60 men's black heart rate monitor

Polar FT60 Men's Black Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar makes a imposing series of heart rate monitors that also function as a personal trainer and fitness watch. If you ever even thought about hiring a personal trainer, this is a great alternative! Why wait to schedule an appointment? Strap it on and go! The Polar FT heart rate monitors includes a wide array of examples to fit your practise needs. It’s easy to choose a Polar FT heart rate monitor because it can’t be beat for functionality, features and enduringness.

One of the more pop models in the Polar FT heart rate monitors series is the FT60. The FT60 tracks calories burned and comes with an OwnZone fitness test that measures your starting fitness levels. It also provides time in target zones, and has an excellent fit for any sports activity. The FT60 also has the STAR education curriculum, which helps you to attain your fitness goals.



Another nice Polar FT heart rate monitor is the FT4 model. This model is great for a novice or someone who wants just the fundamentals. It comes with the basic heart rate monitor features, and a Zone Pointer to point which fitness zone you are currently in. It also comes with the fitness test and measures total calories burned. The FT4 is reasonably priced and comes in several colors.

The FT80 model is the Cadillac of the Polar FT heart rate monitors, and comes fitted out(p) with all the top Polar training programs. The Star training program is available, along with the Polar G1 GPS that measures speed and space. The monitor also displays a recovery heart rate graph!

Whichever model you choose and there are lots of choices, the Polar FT heart rate monitors are a wise purchase to make! Amazon.com has the best prices on the Polar Ft Models click here to check out the best sale today.

Polar Ft Models click here to check out the best sale today.



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5 Fun Ways To Get Fit Super Fast – FT60 Style

5 Fun Ways to Get Fit Super Fast With Your Polar FT60:


1. Wake up a bit earlier.

2. Try something new

3. Focus on form.

4 Get a Pooch as in dog, not pouchy tummy

5. Make your exercise social – did I hear Zumba at the local gym?


Don’t get bored or become a couch potato! Find something you actually like to do with your favorite music plugged into your ears and you won’t even remember you are supposed to be doing this, because it will be so much FUN!


and don’t forget to strap on your Polar FT60…if you are into heart rate monitors and if you’re aren’t you should check it out click here.


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